What does it cost?

A home visit costs 399 SEK/h after tax deductions or if you buy the service in Spain; 49 €/h. If you choose not to use the tax deduction, it costs 799 SEK/h. The minimum debit for a home visit is one hour, then you pay 99 SEK per commenced quarter after tax deduction.


Since August 1, 2016, IT services at home are eligible for tax deductions. This means that you, as a private customer, pay half the price for a home visit. In order for you to be entitled to a tax deduction, work must be done in the residence where you fully or partly live. You can also use your tax deduction if the work is done in your parents' home, as long as you pay for work. Each person is entitled to 25,000 SEK tax deductions per year, as long as you are under 65 when the amount rises to 50,000 SEK / year.


We have a service promise and ambition to help all our customers within 48h. If you want to book a visit later on, this works as well. The TechBuddy who takes on your task will call you and you will decide together a time that suits you. This way, you never have to sit at home and wait for someone to show up.

WHAT CAN you HELP ME with?

Basically, we can help you with anything that has to do with technology. If you have a TV that has a problem or a computer that needs to be installed, we'll help you. The only thing we really do not help with is to repair hardware, but we can always help you to make sure that it's actually the hardware that's broken, which can be difficult to determine yourself. We refer, of course, to where to turn with your broken hardware.

WHAT happens if the TECHBUDDY's not SOLVing MY PROBLEM?

We always present a solution to the problem, however, it is not certain that it will be exactly the way you preferred. It may be, for example, that something small needs to be purchased or that the computer is simply too old. If we are unable to resolve the issue you are experiencing on site, we will always keep you informed about how to proceed with your broken product. If you want us to handle that contact too, of course we do.


All our TechBuddies are insured when they are on assignment. They are covered by accident insurance, group life insurance and liability insurance on all of their tasks. This is to make you as a customer to feel safe when booking a home visit from us.

WHY DO YOU record all of THE tasks?

The tasks are recorded for several purposes. Above all, it is for a quality and safety purpose. Thanks to an audio recording, we can always go back and listen to the visits to see what we can do better for future missions. It provides a good way for our TechBuddies to develop. The recording is also a part of our service towards you as a customer. You will get access to the recording after completed task in the TechBuddy app. This allows you to go back and listen to the instructions again if you forget them. Learn how to download the app here.


All of our TechBuddies love technology as much as we do. Many of them have acted as TechBuddies to their loved ones before joining us. Therefore, this whole thing is very natural for them. TechBuddy is based on shared economy, which means that everyone who works with us is self-employed. It allows them choose when, where and how much they want to work.

We also background-check all of our TechBuddies and test their level of knowledge to ensure that they maintain the high quality we require. Meet some of our Buddies here.


To become a TechBuddy, submit your application here for Sweden and here for Spain. Then you will receive a knowledge test mailed to you and if your result is good, we will call you to a personal interview!