Concerning that 400,000 elderly Swedes live in digital alienation


SVT News recently published an article based on Linné University's research project "Young Technology, Elder's Everyday Life", which shows that every fifth person over the age of 65 in Sweden is missing connected devices and thus misses the benefit of important social functions. As digital technology is rapidly evolving, there are certain groups - mostly older, who are being left behind.  At least 400,000 elders Sweden today live in digital exclusion.

TechBuddy's mission is to make the technology available to everyone, old and young, whether you're having trouble keeping up with the digital development or simply wanting more time to put into other things. TechBuddy has helped thousands of customers with their technical problems since 2016. Many of our customers are older and need help with things like installing internet and important apps such as Online Banking. Our TechBuddies also educate the customer on how the apps are used, in order for them to no longer miss out on important social functions.

To sit down and listen to what this person is experiencing difficulty with is much more important than many might think. It's easy to forget that everyday technology is not as obvious to everyone as it is for you or me, and some feel ashamed of not having the same understanding of digital development. Our goal is to eliminate that shame altogether, and show that technology does not have to be scary.

Martina Guslin