Imagine a world in which technology makes everybody's lives better.

At TechBuddy, we believe that everyone should equally benefit from great technology.
This is why we created an intuitive platform that connects our community of certified technicians, our Buddies, with customers, to solve their everyday tech needs.

Where we started and where we are going

TechBuddy is the leading tech support brand in Europe.
TechBuddy is a digital platform company offering high quality on-demand and on-site tech support by tapping into a large pool of tech-savvy talents. TechBuddy connects tech talent, so called “Buddies” with the near-infinite number of customers who need technical guidance and support.
Located in Spain, Sweden and Israel

We have delivered 70K+ in-home visits

with average of

4.8 out of 5 rating in 4 countries

5000 cities, 1000 technicians, happy customers, one Buddy community.

Meet our
TechBuddy members

TechBuddy is here, to bring technology into the hearts
and homes of our customers. Meet the people who work everyday on turning this mission into reality.
Tahero Nori
Founder & CEO
Samira Nori
Customer Excellence
Siavash Habibi
Tahero Nori
Founder & CEO