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TechBuddy Launches Its At Home Tech Support Service In Germany
Company news
September 2, 2020

The Swedish tech company TechBuddy is coming to Germany. As the company announced today, their tech support service will be available for customers in Munich as of today.

Ex-IKEA Executive Thomas Frauscher Joins TechBuddy as Commercial Director DACH
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July 15, 2020

TechBuddy announced the appointment of Thomas Frauscher as Commercial Director for the DACH region.

TechBuddy Launches, the Software Platform That Will Revolutionize the Service Sector
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July 9, 2020

The platform allows businesses to manage customers’ service requests at scale using their own employees or deploying freelancers in the emerging “gig economy”.

TechBuddy Brings On Fredrik Uhrbom as Investor and Advisor
Company news
June 1, 2020

TechBuddy, Europe's leading platform company for tech support, today announced that it will bring on Fredrik Uhrbom as advisor and investor.

10 Lessons Learned From 50,000 Performed Services
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May 29, 2020

We are celebrating that TechBuddy has performed over 50,000 services, primarily in customers’ homes, but also in their offices and other places of business. For the whole TechBuddy team, this has been an incredible learning journey.

TechBuddy to reach 50,000 completed tech services
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May 25, 2020

Stockholm--TechBuddy today announced that it has successfully completed 50,000 on-site tech support services since its inception in 2016.

IKEA veteran invests in TechBuddy
Company news
April 17, 2020

Techbuddy is proud to announce that Leif Johansson has become an investor in the company. Leif Johansson has spent almost four decades in various strategic financial positions at IKEA.

European Executive George Mehring-Schlegel invests in TechBuddy
Company news
April 9, 2020

Techbuddy is proud to announce that George Mehring-Schlegel has become an investor and an active member of the advisory board of the company.

The Customer's “Actual” Journey Starts & Ends in the Home
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April 7, 2020

The customer journey is nowadays a staple in outlining business processes and setting strategies. Companies have sprouted up with tools to help companies easily map out the customer journey.

Global Retail Executive Pieter Haas joins TechBuddy’s Board
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March 31, 2020

TechBuddy is proud to announce that Pieter Hass is joining the company’s board of directors. He is the former global CEO of Ceconomy and Media Markt Saturn, Europe’s largest consumer electronics retail owner and operator.