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February 22, 2021

TechBuddy Sweden Launches ExpressBuddy - Tech Support In Less Than Two Hours

Stockholm, 22 February 2021 -- TechBuddy launches ExpressBuddy, a new service where customers can receive technical support from a technician within two hours. The company, which is leading in Europe for technology support, announced that the service will initially be available in Stockholm and Malmö.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic it has become crucial that technology at home works as it should, especially as we work, study and live our lives at home to an increasing extent. ExpressBuddy is launched to offer technical support to those in need of quick help, for example in case of network or computer problems before job meetings.

“We know that many customers want help quickly, in some cases there is simply no time to wait longer than a couple of hours for help. The launch of ExpressBuddy is one of many initiatives in facilitating a connected life for everyone, especially for those who currently work from home. ” said David Fauné, Country Manager at TechBuddy Sweden.

David Fauné, Country Manager at TechBuddy Sweden

With ExpressBuddy, customers receive help within two hours from a technician, also called "Buddy", from TechBuddy. The service will initially be launched in Stockholm and Malmö, and the surrounding areas.

About TechBuddy

TechBuddy is a leading European tech support company. The company offers on-demand and on-site services by tapping into a large community of gig workers. TechBuddy connects tech experts, known as "Buddies", with the almost infinite number of people who need help with technology at home. Using a unique platform to handle large volumes of services, TechBuddy has become a service provider for large telecommunications companies and consumer electronics retailers to help their customers at home or in the office.

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