We want to make your
life simpler and happier

Asking for help shouldn’t be difficult.
That's why we set out to create an easy-to-use app that
allows booking a service with one click.
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We connect technicians with customers

We know that sometimes it's hard to have access to a professional who
can help with your tech needs. And it's even harder to find someone who comes to your home and offers help on the spot. Well, not anymore!

There are three different ways to book our technicians.

Customer service
Every customer can reach us between 9h - 18h via 93 026 83 80.
Our easy-to-use App
Using the app is the fastest way to book a service and have all the information related to it.
Our web site
Our site is filled with the latest information and all the services we provide. You can even get quick tech tips.

Everything you need
in one single place.

Your new personal
assistance app

Once a customer has entered all the information required, we will reach out to confirm the chosen date and assign a technician to assist in less then 48 hours.

You can download the application for any platform.

Only four steps away
from enjoying your digital life.

Make a request
Via web, app, phone, and other platforms B2C & B2B.
The Buddy accepts the task
Buddies select tasks based on proximity & skill.
The Buddy arrives
The Buddy has a clear
checklist to guarantee the service quality.
Enjoy your device!
We send a follow-up email to ensure everything works
well & ask for reviews.

We love technology.

It enables everyone to live a connected life.

We have delivered 70K+ in-home visits

with average of

4.8 out of 5 rating in 4 countries

"Extraordinary professional and great personal treatment.
The technician had experience and was very insightful.
Thank you so much for solving my problem."
"Very aware, watchful and professional attention.
They have solved all the doubts we had.
Very nice treatment."
"Excellent service. The execution, the explanation of the equipment and the setup,
as well as the knowledge answering our questions.
It's a really good service and we were very pleased. We recommend it so much!"