The end to end crowd service platform.

We understand that implementing a new platform might be complicated. But with our new platform you don’t have to hire a developer to set it up for you. It’s already here. And it works. How do we know? Because we use it everyday to connect hundreds of TechBuddies to customers in need.

The ultimate digital service platform.

A spin-off business which is developed by TechBuddy to manage TechBuddy’s large community of technicians and match them with customers' support requests. Now, we offer to brands and retailers who need a platform tailor made to offer on-site support. The platform is a plug-and-play solution, and a great way to extend the customer journey into the customers' home.
Customer Experience
Improve customer happiness.
Let your customers communicate directly with your service technicians. Set up appointments, see who’s coming and rate technician.
Management Cockpit
Great KPIs on board.
Have everything on a central dashboard. By region, by customer, by
technician, by resolution times, by satisfaction. Total visibility of your service.
Mix and match scenarios.
Full-time and stand-by technicians. Scale up and down, follow demand, flexible booking options for technicians, self-serve with route optimizations by powerful algorithms.
Easy integration ERP, Sap or cloud.
For all those who want to be in control of their CX and run their own network Cloud-based, deployed immediately, your corporate identity, mobile, desktop, voice. Free version available.

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