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May 25, 2020

TechBuddy to reach 50,000 completed tech services

Stockholm--TechBuddy today announced that it has successfully completed 50,000 on-site tech support services since its inception in 2016. The leading company for tech support in Europe, currently operating in Sweden, Spain and Israel, more than doubled its services compared to last year. This milestone confirms the increasing need for tech support at home and at the office. The achievement has primarily been accomplished together with strong industry partners who outsource their tech support to TechBuddy.

Customers primarily request TechBuddy services for TV (28%), computers (28%), and connectivity and wifi (23%) needs. The majority of services support customers with installation and set-up, tightly followed by problem solving services. To date, more than 1,000 freelance technicians, also known as Buddies, completed tasks in over 5,000 cities.

“Reaching 50,000 completed services is a big achievement for the TechBuddy team. For us this is more than just a number. We see it as confirmation that we are on the right track with our mission to make technology accessible to everyone. It’s a representation of all the people we’ve supported with their everyday tech issues, the many job opportunities created for our outstanding Buddies, and the lessons we’ve learned as a team. None of this would have been possible without our key partners, who have entrusted us with supporting their customers. This is only the beginning, and we look forward to reaching 500,000 performed services in three to four years” says TechBuddy’s founder and CEO Tahero Nori.

TechBuddy achieved this milestone in a time where the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the everyday lives of people across the globe. Technology and connectivity have become even more central for working and studying remotely, keeping contact with friends and family and utilizing public and private services. This confirms once again the necessity to make technology accessible to as many people as possible, enabling a digital and connected life for everyone.  

About TechBuddy

TechBuddy is a leading European tech support company. The company offers on-demand and on-site services by tapping into a large community of gig workers. TechBuddy connects tech experts, known as "Buddies", with the almost infinite number of people who need help with technology at home. Using a unique platform to handle large volumes of services, TechBuddy has become a service provider for large telecommunications companies and consumer electronics retailers to help their customers at home or in the office.

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