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October 28, 2020

TechBuddy Brings On Olof Sand as Investor and Advisor

Olof Sand joins TechBuddy as Investor and Advisor.

Stockholm, 28 October 2020--TechBuddy, Europe's leading platform company for tech support,  today announced that it will bring on Olof Sand as advisor and investor. Olof Sand draws from extensive experience in production of services and digitalisation. He is the Chairman and Interim CEO of Zington Group and Chairman of the Board at AB Regin. 

Olof Sand brings a wealth of experience from executive positions at companies such as Acando (which he co-founded), ABB, Anticimex, Proact, Midroc and Quant. TechBuddy will benefit from  his breadth of expertise, especially on driving service production companies to great success, as well as exploring how digitalisation can improve business models. 

“We are thrilled to welcome a business powerhouse such as Olof Sand as investor and advisor,” comments CEO and founder Tahero Nori. “Olof has been part of building highly successful companies, and making high performing companies even more successful  - so we have much to learn from him and look forward to taking part of his insights. Furthermore, he shares our visionary  approach to a sustainable gig-economy , and will help us set a blueprint for the future of work”. 

Since its inception in 2016, TechBuddy has performed more than 60,000 technical support services for more than 116,000 customers in Sweden, Israel, Spain, and recently expanded to Germany. Through its community of freelance technicians, the company is able to offer nationwide support in their active markets, powered by a unique platform tailored for high volume on-site support services. 

“The decision to invest in TechBuddy is fueled by my passion for and extensive work with service production” explains Olof Sand. “Techbuddy has succeeded in creating a modern and future-fit approach to service production by utilizing a sustainable approach to the gig-economy. This model enables flexibility and value creation for all stakeholders, from customers and partners to the freelance technicians who carry out the services. I think TechBuddy has an exciting and scalable business model, and look forward to supporting them on their journey”.

About TechBuddy

TechBuddy is a leading European tech support company. The company offers on-demand and on-site services by tapping into a large community of gig workers. TechBuddy connects tech experts, known as "Buddies", with the almost infinite number of people who need help with technology at home. Using a unique platform to handle large volumes of services, TechBuddy has become a service provider for large telecommunications companies and consumer electronics retailers to help their customers at home or in the office.

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