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April 17, 2020

IKEA veteran invests in TechBuddy

IKEA veteran Leif Johansson invests in TechBuddy

Techbuddy is proud to announce that Leif Johansson has become an investor in the company. Leif Johansson has spent almost four decades in various strategic financial positions at IKEA, most notably as Deputy Chief Financial Officer (1995-2010) and later as Senior Adviser in Finance (2010-2012). He has been a board member of the INGKA Foundation since 2018.

Leif Johansson brings unparalleled expertise within fields such as global retail, finance and strategy to the company as an investor in Techbuddy

“Techbuddy is an interesting company in times where the consumer's home has increasingly converted into a “smart home”. The Techbuddy platform can be a great and important partner for many types of service companies that want to follow and facilitate that transition for the customer. I hope that I can bring some experience to Techbuddy from my time at IKEA. IKEA grew during my time from 6 stores in 3 countries to more than 300 stores in more than 20 countries and I hope to see the same journey for Techbuddy”, says Leif Johansson.  

TechBuddy was founded in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden and has since expanded to Spain and Israel.  The company is now preparing for further geographical expansion in Europe:

Leif Johansson’s experience from many years in various positions in an amazing company like IKEA is invaluable to us at Techbuddy. We are looking forward to utilizing his knowledge in our own structures and strategy. He is a veteran in the retail industry and has clearly been part of a retail transformation. His support and trust in the company means a great deal to us as it shows that we have chosen the right strategy for our future development where we want to assist the customer throughout the whole value chain”, says Tahero Nori, CEO, and founder of TechBuddy.

As Techbuddy is a private company, investment sizes and terms for the investments are not to be disclosed. TechBuddy is however happy to report that current fundraising activities continue to be positive and will firmly position the company as a consolidator in the industry going forward.

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TechBuddy is a leading European tech support company. The company offers on-demand and on-site services by tapping into a large community of gig workers. TechBuddy connects tech experts, known as "Buddies", with the almost infinite number of people who need help with technology at home. Using a unique platform to handle large volumes of services, TechBuddy has become a service provider for large telecommunications companies and consumer electronics retailers to help their customers at home or in the office.

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