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February 4, 2021

TechBuddy awarded Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce TRADE AWARD 2020

Stockholm, 4 February 2021 -- TechBuddy, Europe’s leading platform company for tech support, received the 2020 TRADE AWARD of the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce. The award honors companies, organizations or persons who significantly contribute to increasing business cooperations between Sweden and Israel. Founder and CEO of TechBuddy Tahero Nori and CEO of TechBuddy Israel Daniel Peled will accept the award at an online ceremony on the 24th of February in the digital presence of a number of chamber members and invited guests.


“TechBuddy has demonstrated that Israel is a high-potential market for Swedish platform-based business models in an emerging gig-economy. They have not only established themselves and demonstrated rapid growth in Israel, but have also attracted significant local investments as well as playing a crucial role reducing the isolation for elderly under numerous lock-downs during the year of COVID-19. We would like to congratulate TechBuddy for a well-deserved prize and look forward to following your continued success,” comments Peter Alberius, Chairman of the Swedish Israel Chamber of Commerce. 


The Trade Award honors TechBuddy’s unique approach to share business opportunities between Israel and Sweden. Tahero Nori founded TechBuddy in 2016 in Sweden and only three years later the company expanded to Israel with the aim of removing digital barriers and helping people to progress towards digital independence. 


CEO and founder of TechBuddy Tahero Nori comments on the award: “We’re more than honored to receive the 2020 Trade Award from the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce. The digital independency solution we developed in Israel with TechBuddy Israel’s CEO Daniel Peled integrates perfectly with our vision of being a one stop shop for technology services. No matter if you would like to fix, install, purchase, learn or recycle – TechBuddy fulfills all those needs. It’s incredible to see the Swedish business model flourishing in Israel with its very own approach to the market. Both Sweden and Israel share strong innovation ecosystems, and we’re proud to show that a strong partnership between them can create not only great business opportunities but is also beneficial for society.” 


In July 2020, the company started a cooperation with the Ministry Of Jerusalem, the Ministry of National Digital and the Jerusalem Municipality to create innovative training plans for seniors. The approach includes an education center with professional trainers who teach seniors individually and as a group, through video call. The offer is customized to the needs and preconditions of each person and demographic characterization. In addition to that, TechBuddy offers home visits for those who require more basic training or suffer from health issues. 


“To create even more meaningful services, TechBuddy introduced daily webinars for expanding the knowledge of the participants and continuing to transfer more advanced knowledge”, explains Israels CEO Daniel Peled. And further: “We strongly believe that we as a society have a responsibility for the elderly generation who didn’t learn the digital language and are unable to follow the high pace of progress. Today we’re happy to say that in just a couple of months, TechBuddy served thousands of seniors and helped them to stay connected with their family and friends.”


About TechBuddy:

TechBuddy is a digital platform company offering high quality on-demand and on-site tech support by tapping into a large pool of tech-savvy talents. TechBuddy connects tech talent, so called “Buddies” with customers who need technical guidance and support. The Buddies are technicians who deliver high-quality consultations, installations and technical support to consumers and businesses, with the goal of enhancing digital lives. By utilizing a unique platform for managing high volumes of services, TechBuddy has become the extended arm of large telecommunication companies and consumer electronics retailers to serve customers in their homes or offices. 


About the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce: 

The Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce was founded already in the early fifties to enhance the knowledge and interest for trade and cooperation with the Israeli market. From supporting agricultural products imported to Sweden and the export of trucks to Israel, it aims today at supporting networks and ecosystems in both countries that are in particular strong at innovation. The Chamber of Commerce’s focus is to promote economic and commercial relations between Sweden and Israel. Thus, its mission contributes to high-quality networks with the potential of generating businesses. 

About TechBuddy

TechBuddy is a leading European tech support company. The company offers on-demand and on-site services by tapping into a large community of gig workers. TechBuddy connects tech experts, known as "Buddies", with the almost infinite number of people who need help with technology at home. Using a unique platform to handle large volumes of services, TechBuddy has become a service provider for large telecommunications companies and consumer electronics retailers to help their customers at home or in the office.

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